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Our Cities are under threat

With the increasing urbanization, waste management is a major global issue that governments face daily. The overproduction of waste has been causing negative impacts on our environment.

79% of the plastic made in the world enters our land, water and the environment as waste; some of it also enters our bodies through the food chain, according to a study done by the Centre for Science and Environment.

60% of the waste generated is recycled, but then why is plastic waste a big problem in India?

Know what MEF is doing

MEF is working in Agra city, home to the world-famous Taj Mahal, which generates more than 75 tonnes of plastic waste per day. The lack of waste management infrastructure leads to most of the plastic waste either being dumped on roadsides or the Yamuna River. MEF is working with various stakeholders to clean-up city of Agra.

Agra Innovation Lab

Massive Earth Foundation and GoMassive Incubators have setup the Agra Innovation Lab for Prevention of Plastic Leakage into the Environment (AIL-PrePLE) with support provided by The Incubation Network (TIN). AIL-PrePLE is a platform for entrepreneurs, academicians, technical researchers, and innovators across the globe to accelerate and pilot test solutions that prevent plastic leakage into the environment. We are focusing on solutions relevant to identifying waste, mechanized collection and transportation of waste, sorting of waste, and unique recycling processes.

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If you are a national or a multinational brand

MEF provides responsible and sustainable waste management solutions for your organization and help you manage your extended producer responsibility. Proprietary software Waste.Live helps us to create detailed reports for you.
We also conduct waste management audits for companies to understand their waste generation pattern and related environmental impact.

If you are an school or an institution

MEF provides holistic waste management services to Schools and Universities while ensuring maximum diversion of waste generated by the institute to landfills. Through periodic interactive sessions with students, our team also educates young minds about the best practices of zero waste management

If you are a policymaker

MEF provides advisory services to state and local governmental bodies in preparation of waste management policies, bye-laws and strategies on holistic and decentralised management of municipal solid waste. With various governments placing bans on single-use plastics and putting forth strict guidelines on managing other plastics, municipal solid waste and e-waste, more and more organisations are looking for ways to responsibly manage the waste they produce.

Calculate your Plastic Footprint Today

Plastic Footprint Calculator

Waste. Live: Built for City administrations grappling with problems of Waste management, transparency and Accountability.

Waste.Live: is a tool for Waste Identification & Task Management for local government bodies with the following features:

  • Get Actionable Points for tackling plastic waste
  • Get Real-time Updates of on-ground changes
  • An Interface between local administration & citizens on waste
  • A Task Management Tool for Local Administration, corporate or an institute.

This tool enables city planners & administration to solve plastic pollution & leakage points. Every city is spending billions of dollars without really solving the problem. The overall saving for the city will be 15-20% but most important, cities will get cleaned up.

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