Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyle Accelerator

Launched by UNEP and Massive Earth Foundation

Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyle Accelerator

Low Carbon Lifestyle Accelerator supports start-ups that make sustainable goods and services more readily available. From low carbon mobility options to products that reduce plastic waste, to solutions that reduce the carbon footprints of our lifestyles. Asia is a dynamic hub for innovation and startups. The high profile of marine litter and climate change has sparked interest among consumers to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

Focus Area

Low Carbon Energy

Low Carbon Mobility

Plastic Waste Prevention

Call for Investors

Stay ahead of the curve by discovering disruptive startups, exploring the latest trends and networking with fellow investors in climate tech space

Call for Mentors

Sharing your knowledge as a mentor is not only beneficial for mentees and has a positive social impact, but it also allows you to learn, meet talented people and find out the latest innovations on the way. Join LowCarbon.Earth Champions’ board of mentors and work with the most promising projects in deep-tech!