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Agra Nagar Nigam Joins Hands with TARA, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, and GoMassive to Fight Plastic Waste

December 24, 2021: All these entities have signed MoU to mutually collaborate and strengthen plastic waste pollution prevention programs and minimize plastic waste leakage in the city of Agra.

Panel proposes start-ups for solving waste pollution problem to Agra Municipal Corporation

29th July 2021: As part of the Clean Air Action Plan of the District Administration of Agra, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and its partners are providing support and technical assistance in the implementation of activities under the Plan. These efforts and the partnership with the Massive Earth Foundation(MEF) have culminated in the formation of  Agra Innovation Lab (AIL), which is a platform to select, accelerate and pilot test solutions that prevent waste pollution to the environment.

आगरा में यमुना की सफाई करेगा रोबोट और सड़कों की जिम्‍मेदारी जटायु को

29th July 2021: ताजनगरी को प्लास्टिक प्रदूषण से बचाने और स्वच्छ बनाने को चार स्टार्टअप शुरू होंगे। एयर एक्शन प्लान के तहत स्टार्टअप कर आगरा इनावेशन लैब शहर को स्वच्छ बनाएगी। रोबोट यमुना की सफाई करेगा और सड़कों व नाले-नालियों की सफाई जटायु द्वारा की जाएगी। प्लास्टिक को रिसाइकिल किया जाएगा, जिससे कि उसे जलाने से वायु प्रदूषण नहीं हो।

UNEP, Massive Earth Foundation to launch LowCarbon.Earth for the Asia-Pacific

23rd June 2021: A first of its kind unique initiative of Industry-Academia Partnership, the program will provide a platform for start-ups to interact with established corporates, leading technology companies and industry mentors to build collective capabilities for the industry in the cutting-edge areas of advanced sustainable technologies.


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