Sustainable forests are our pathway to slowing climate change and promote social equity

Forest Regrowth and Carbon Capture

New and existing threats are changing India’s forests rapidly. 

Our forests face unprecedented threats

India has witnessed urbanization, a booming economy, and huge population growth. This unsustainable growth has led to huge deforestation. Most cities in India are witnessing reducing forests and increasing stray animal populations. MEF is committed to establishing sustainable forests to support flora and fauna and reducing disastrous impacts of deforestation.

India has a total Recorded Forest Area of 7.67 lakh square kilometers. This is about 23.3% of India’s geographical land. Recorded forest area refers to those areas which have been classified as forests (reserved and protected) by the government as per Indian Forest Act, 1927. India’s forest cover is 7.12 lakh sq km and covers 21.7% of India’s geographical area. This includes all lands having an area of more than one hectare and tree canopy density of 10% irrespective of classification and can include both forest and private plantations. Between 2015 and 2018, a total of 20,314 hectares of forest land was diverted.

Climate Change

Urban Sprawl


Jhum Cultivation

Biotic Pressures

Restoring forests to stop climate change

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